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OMG – Insulin Injection Mistakes…. and what to do and not do!!!

We get up in the morning and it’s another beautiful day.  We don’t expect anything to go wrong  but we all have our busy schedules, we are all in rush to get to work or school,  and the pressures of

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Diabetes and Glucometers

I’ve made some good friends in this life but being a type-1  diabetic my closest  and most trusted friend  is by far my  GLUCOMETER – the machine that gives me an accurate reading of what my current blood sugar level

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Physical Activity for Diabetics is a Must Do

I am a diabetic for over 40 years. I’m lying if I say it’s all been easy   but if there’s one thing I can say (and I usually say “a lot”  of things) is that I honestly believe that in

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Sport and diabetes

I honestly cannot say enough about how important physical activity  is a MUST  in controlling blood sugar levels and living a Better Life  for diabetics.  It has helped me  so much that  there is nothing I like writing about more than the

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Insulin — A Learning Curve

One of the things I keep saying is that controlling diabetes is a juggling game.  You need to juggle your physical activity with your diet and last but far from Least is your daily injections. Type-1 or juvenile diabetes as

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