Physical Activity for Diabetics is a Must Do

I am a diabetic for over 40 years. I’m lying if I say it’s all been easy   but if there’s one thing I can say (and I usually say “a lot”  of things) is that I honestly believe that in many ways diabetes has made me a healthier person. One of those ways it has made me more healthy is that it has PUSHED  me into a pretty strict routine of exercising and doing lots of sport as A WAY OF LIFE.  I say PUSHED because the alternative to not exercising has always been less control over my  blood sugar levels which is never good . The JUGGLING act to control your diabetes without physical activity be it  exercise  or sports leaves you with one less tool in the fight to remain healthy and avoid the many unnecessary complications that can be brought on by diabetes.  If you can’t run then walk and if you can’t walk then get some weights and start lifting them from your chair but  Nike was right when they said JUST DO IT.  It’s very easy to find excuses why NOT to exercise and there are millions out there but one excuse just leads to another until the excuses turn into debilitating health problems and then the  REAL excuses begin!   If you want to live longer, get healthier  and feel better about yourself  both physically and mentally then it’s time to get out of bed and off the chair or couch and start moving….  If you need any more coaching just let me know…

I have lots of philosophies and opinions about what the best exercises for diabetics can of course be debated and are open to discussion  but  the absolute  worst exercise  that any diabetic can do (and this isn’t really  open to  DISCUSSION) is NO EXERCISE….    Not convinced yet- well go out and take a walk and think about it…. end of post.


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I'm a type-1 diabetic which has changed my life for what I hope is the better. My profession - at least what I get paid to do is computers (sysadmin). I'm a life long sports enthusiast and try to practise what I preach when it comes to being physically active. Still trying to achieve better diabetic control by juggling my diet, exercise and injections... As for things that interest me aside from sport -- I like keeping up on biotech research & medical devices and listening to country and western music.

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