Diabetes – A way of Life…

I’ve wanted to put up this blog for many  years now  but  something little things seemed to have always gotten in the way  Hopefully I have finally gotten my priorities in order since it is my hope that this blog might actually help some people.  I have been a TYPE-1 diabetic since my teens   and that was many many moons ago.  I have experimented with many things along the way trying to achieve better control of the disease.  Diabetes might be a LIFE SENTENCE but it shouldn’t be a DEATH SENTENCE….     Controlling this disease is a juggling act.  You need to juggle your diet and eat properly, take injections (or possibly other medication if you’re a TYPE-2 diabetic) , and use  physical activity (sport & exercise)   with a pretty strict  blood glucose monitoring routine  and you should be able to live a pretty normal  and   healthy life.  If you are a diabetic you definitely shouldn’t be feeling sorry for yourself– there’s no time for that!!   What’s more — if you do the juggling act properly then you probably will be in a lot better shape and a lot healthier than your NON-DIABETIC friends  because you’ll eat healthier and exercise more. Actually many parts of a DIABETICS LIFESTYLE are things that just about everyone can follow to be healthier.   It’s my hope that this blog will prove to be helpful to  diabetics and hopefully  interesting (as well as helpful) to  non-diabetics and people who want to live a healthier life.

One finally point — I am not a doctor nor do I claim to be one so never make any changes to your diabetic routine or diet without consulting with your own personal  physician.   I will however try to answer any questions through the experiences I’ve had in my own life.  One more thing —    Please no lawsuits!!

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