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The main objective of this blog is to help diabetics and everybody associated with this disease.  Because of the way this disease is running rampant  this blog will have a  big following as well as a lot of people who will volunteer their time and expertise to help others with questions.  Since I’m not a physician (nor do I expect to become one in this lifetime )  — the best that I can do is try to help diabetics and their families, friends , caretakers etc..  by posting my experiences with the disease and tell about the things that have helped me and the way I cope.  This blog can actually move in a lot of directions and that’s why I’m asking for feedback.   According to the American Diabetes Association (ADA) there are over 25 million diabetics in the US alone.  If you include their families and friends then we could be talking about over 100 million people or more (just in the USA)  who are in contact or involved with  this disease every day — and the number is growing  –  and hopefully this blog will reach people throughout the world and not just the USA.  So if anybody has any subjects, topics etc… that they’d like on this blog then please  let me know.  This blog is in it’s infancy so if anyone has any ideas for improvement — please let me know that too.  I’m encouraging people to comment on  posts  and if anybody has any information that can help others then by all means please don’t hesitate to write about it.

I know what the parents of children with diabetes have to go through everyday and it isn’t easy. It’s not only diabetic children who are going through trauma but their parents are too.   If any of them have any questions then this is the forum to ask them.  I know that I won’t have the answers to lots of questions but I’m sort of hoping that this blog will bring together a community of knowledgeable people who can and will provide help to others.

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